My Pie Monday: Filipino Breakfast Pie, Spicy Summer Squash and Arugula, Stuffed Detoit Pizza, and More!

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

I hope you're ready for My Pie Monday, because we've got another stomach-rumbling lineup this week!

A warm welcome to newcomer professorplum, who shares a lovely Neapolitan-style Margherita. Amusebouche1 unveils a deep dish pizza with triple cream brie and an ajvar pepper spread, Andris shares a baking steel pie topped with summer squash and arugula, Adam Kuban goes the bar pie route, and Okaru brings shiitake and jalapeños to a mozz-provole blend.

Detroit-style pies seem to be all the rage—Norma does two different topping combos, Billgraney stuffs his chock full o' mushrooms, and SonnyC79 goes sweet and savory with fig preserves and prosciutto.

Meanwhile, Derricktung goes with an inventive Filipino Breakfast Pie, in preparation for the launch of his farmer's market operation, Za Pi.ESNY1077 tackles buffalo chicken, sauasage-style, while NovaChild's chicken pie gets a dose of cilantro and mint pesto. Imwalkin pairs some smoky mozzarella and prosciutto on a San Marzano base and Florida9 gives Kenji's foolproof pan pizza a whirl.

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Want to contribute to My Pie Monday? Just take one horizontal snapshot of your homemade pizza, briefly describe your cooking method, and follow these instructions to get it to Slice HQ by 8pm EST on Thursday night. Be sure to let us know your Slice/Serious Eats username!

Looking for inspiration? Find dozens of recipes and home kitchen adaptations on our Pizza-Making Guide or peruse our collection of past contributions.

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