My Pie Monday: Kung Pao Pizza, BBQ Pulled Pork with Mango, Bacon Jam, and More!

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

Brighten up your day with some My Pie Monday inspiration. We have 17 contributions this week, running the gamut from breakfast to barbecue. Step on in and bask in the pizza glow!

Sweet pies seem to be trending this week: Amusebouche1 tops his brie and prosciutto pizza with a drizzle of Mike's Hot Honey, Norma shares a cinnamon-sugar Detroiter, SonnyC79's pepperoni pizza gets a douse of roasted jalapeño-infused honey, Derricktung adds some cubed mango to his barbecued pulled pork, and Dhorst2 unveils a breakfast pie dabbed with bacon jam and coffee-rubbed mozzarella.

On the savory side, we've got a puttanesca pie from Okaru, along with a hearty dose of cheddar from both Kcanonico and Paralleli. Imwalkin's chili cheese pie packs a punch, nzmick shares his first pan pizza, and Billgraney goes with a classic combo of bacon and caramelized onions. Jimmyg delivers a combo of peppers and garlic with young pecorino and mushrooms; Kenposurf pairs his peppers and garlic with scallions and olives. Tanner shakes things up with a crunchy Kung Pao-inspired pie, while Scottd keeps things traditional with a gorgeous Margherita.

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Want to contribute to My Pie Monday? Just take one horizontal snapshot of your homemade pizza, briefly describe your cooking method, and follow these instructions to get it to Slice HQ by 8pm EST on Thursday night. Be sure to let us know your Slice/Serious Eats username!

Looking for inspiration? Find dozens of recipes and home kitchen adaptations on our Pizza-Making Guide or peruse our collection of past contributions.

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