What's Up in Pizza: Lawsuits, Fires, and Peeps!

  • Yesterday, Buzzfeed shared a recipe for Peeperoni Peepza (along with a series of other Easter-inspired grotesqueries). Admittedly, it looks like it might be a little tastier than our 2010 attempt. Probably because when we did it, we didn't exactly replace the cheese with Nutella and/or any complementary ingredients?
  • Philly.com reports that the city's popular pie shop Lorenzo & Sons is due to re-open next month. Owner Giuseppe Pulizzi was forced to close the pizzeria back in June, due to a a fire.
  • We said it once, we said it twice, and now we're saying it again, just for good measure: Totonno's is back in business! Woohoo!
  • SoHo's Famous Ben's Pizza has entered pizza wars territory! Current owner John Notaro is suing the pizzeria's founder, Debbie Aliotta, for violating the non-compete agreement that was built into the sale. You can get all the details here or here.