Chain Pizza Palooza: New Campaigns from Chili's, DiGiorno, Domino's, and Pizza Hut



When it rains, it pours. Pizza, that is.

First up is DiGiorno, which just announced a brand new product. It's called Pizzeria!, since it's a box full of pizzeria, exclamation point. Their "game-changing innovation" is being released in four styles: Primo Pepperoni, Supreme Speciale, Quattro Formaggi, and Italian Style Meat Trio. We'll be giving it a taste test in due time, but for those who just can't wait, they're offering a limited time money-back guarantee. So, basically, you can try it for free, just so long as you don't like it.

Chili's Taco Pie [Photograph: Rich Vana]

We tried Chili's Taco and Southwestern pizzas back in October, when they were still being tested at limited locations. This month, the chain has officially joined the big leagues. They're excited, because now guests nationwide "can share a slice of life over a slice of Chili's new pie when dining for lunch or dinner." Next month? They'll be adding to their four pie selection with a new "flatbread platform," since that's what the ladies like (ahem, what now?). Ready yourselves...

Chili's $20 Dinner for 2: Taco Pizza

Hungry yet? Worry not, it only gets better from here. That's right, Pizza Hut Middle East has already upped the Crazy Cheesy Crust ante, with their new Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza. Take your pick of the Volcano Stuffed Crust, Crunchy Stuffed Crust, or, last, but not least, Spicy Stuffed Crust! Generally, they are crunchy, stuffed crusts. Specifically, each is "now" filled with "various delights."


This Kuwaiti blog, unearthed by HuffPo, does offer more details to curious parties. [Photograph: Pizza Hut Middle East]

Finally, on the South Asian front, Domino's Pizza India has launched a new marketing campaign, geared toward tight budgets. This centers on a concept called "Pehli Kamai." Unfortunately, I have no idea what pehli kamai is or why it's important to earn it. Hopefully someone can illuminate. In the meantime, let's talk about how their line of Pizza Mania pies has led to this very special commercial:

Domino's India