Little Caesars Announces New DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza


[Photograph: Little Caesars]

Great big news today, as Little Caesars announces the release of its latest pizza creation, the DEEP!DEEP! Dish Detroit-style Pizza. Even better, the new mozz- and Muenster-topped pie is actually two pies, because "four corners of perfection weren't enough."

Yes, it is available HOT-N-READY from 4pm-8pm daily, though at $8, it's on the pricier side of the menu. And yes, that "DEEP!DEEP!" is trademarked, just in case you had any ideas. Looks like Little Caesar is one pocket-sized animated emperor who does NOT mess around.*

*Though his penchant for all caps does beg a question or two regarding what, exactly, he's compensating for...

Presumably, Little Caesars has strategically launched their deep dish pizza in response to the latest wave of competitor products, like Domino's new(ish) pan pizzas and Pizza Hut's Big Pizza Sliders / constant barrage of marketing ploys.


Nothing says "Contemporary Imperial" like astro-scientists pulling a Mrs. Frizzle to explore some cheesy caramel crust! Is it just me, or do they not seem entirely sure if/when/why they have helmets?