Top This: The Village Deep Dish Pie (à la Union Pizza Company)

Top This

Learn how to work a new topping onto your pies.

The Village, stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, smoked ham, sautéed mushrooms, five cheeses, and rich tomato sauce [Photographs: Kelly Bone]

People come to Los Angeles to fulfill their dreams. Some find success in films; others find success in kitchens. Few find it in both. While Bruce Markoe claimed the helm of a Hollywood editing bay, he longed for one of LA's shortcomings: deep dish pizza. After years cultivating his recipes, an irresistible opportunity opened up adjacent to his offices at Marvel Studios, so he took the plunge. With a firm but supportive push from his friends and family, Markoe opened Union Pizza Company.

A Bay Area native, Bruce cites hometown favorites Zachary's and Little Star as his inspiration. His own deep dish pizza is held together by a thin but supple crust, filled to the brim with layered toppings, a five-cheese blend, and a thick, pulpy sauce—this is literally a pizza pie.

The Village is loaded with Zoe's natural pepperoni, Marisa's Italian sausage, smoked ham, sautéed mushrooms, thick sauce, and a pound of cheese. Bruce pays special attention to the meats, with a technique that ensures his pie stays crisp and light. As light at a five pound pool of pizza can be, that is.

What You'll Need

  • Deep dish pizza dough
  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage
  • Smoked ham
  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Thick tomato sauce
  • Shredded cheese
Union Pizza Company

1570 Rosecrans Ave. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 (map) 310-536-9888;