Pizza Hut Canada Mixes it Up with Cheesy Beef Poutine and Creamy Butter Chicken Pizza


[Photographs: Courtesy of Pizza Hut]

If the promises of pristine wilderness and endless outdoor fun haven't lured you to the Great White North just yet, the new additions to Pizza Hut Canada's menu surely will. The geniuses who brought you the Crown Crust Pizza are at it again, and this time they've dreamed up new exploitations of the slice that will stagger even the most loyal Pizza Hut connoisseur. That's right, as part of its "new innovative menu," the chain is introducing the Cheesy Beef Poutine Pizza, a creation featuring their take on the famous Québécois combo. But they don't stop at boring ol' poutine—these mozzarella cheese fries and gravy get a nice dose of beef and tomato sauce to boot. Delish.

20130613-pizzahut-butter-chicken.jpg Americans have historically yucked Canada's yum, but it appears the friendly northern neighbor is ready to bust out of its creative shell with the help of Pizza Hut. The company is throwing down four other pizza novelties, the most notable of which is the Creamy Butter Chicken flavor, replete with Indian-inspired chunks of seasoned fowl. Though not as outlandish as this, it still packs an inventive, if potentially misguided, punch.

The menu is designed to celebrate "Canada's cultural diversity." We'll just have to wait and see how your taste buds fare in the process.

About the Author: Sam Bresnick is a Serious Eats intern, rising junior at Brown University, and dumpling addict.