Poll: A Pizza Proposal?


Will You Marry Me? [Photograph: Tumblr]

Before I pop a new question this week—let me share the results from last week's poll!

Out of a total of 887 votes, 68% of us (myself included) can totally get down with a white pie—as long as it's done right. "Right" meant a lot of things to a lot of different people: the importance of a good crust, the right toppings, a well considered balance of cheeses. Nevertheless, it was pretty clear that most of you agree that a white pie can be a great pie.

Of course, we had our extremists; 15% are diehard white-pie-only eaters, and 9% refuse to acknowledge the white pie's status as "pizza" whatsoever. The ensuing discussion was fantastic. Pertinent to the debate were those calling for a more expansive definition, pointing out pies with white sauces (like Alfredo), seafood pies, or cheese-but-not-ricotta pies.

Now, onto the main event—would you ever propose with pizza? I stumbled across the image up at the top the other day in my Tumblr trawling. It made me remember Pizza Hut's kind of astonishing stunt from February 2012 (right in time for Valentine's Day).


$10 Big Box Proposal. [Photograph: Pizza Hut]

For those who don't recall our original post, the $10 Big Box Proposal was a limited time offer (in the interest of continuing the theme, only 10 were available) in which, for a mere $10,010, the lucky recipient would be proposed to in full Pizza Hut style—limousine, ruby engagement ring, flowers, fireworks, photographer and videographer, and, last but not least, a Pizza Hut $10 dinner box. In the words of Pizza Hut CMO Kurt Kane, "If we're able to fit pizza, breadsticks and dessert into one box for only $10, why stop there?"

And so, my question—Would you ever consider proposing marriage to someone by means of pizza? And better yet, have you already done so?Tell us more in the coments!

Would You Propose With A Pizza?