Poll: What's Your Favorite Way to Make Pizza at Home?


KettlePizza. [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Tucking into a hot pizza is one of life's special pleasures, but sometimes making our own pies can be just as enjoyable as consuming them. My question this week is for all of our at-home pizza-makers out there, but first, lets take a peek at how you felt about last weeks poll!

We asked what the majority of you ordered at slice joints when you weren't ordering pizza. The largest group (39%) went with my personal favorite, garlic knots, but Stromboli and calzones were the runners-up, with 17% of the 812 total votes. Dessert was the least popular choice, scoring barely 2%. Some reader favorites that didn't make it into the poll? Chicken wings, beef patties, and arancini. Check out the comments for recommendations from your fellow Slicer's.

As I was talking to a friend recently, he mentioned to me that he was on the lookout for tiles he could use to recreate a brick oven effect in his stove, with the intent of turning out some stellar pies.

We at Slice know better than most just how many tools are out there, either purposed or repurposed for the amateur pizza chef. To the novice, it might seem an overwhelming choice; just a peek at the plethora of products covered in the Pizza Lab could leave a person paralyzed by indecision. We've touted products like The Baking Steel to no end, but we have yet to ask: what do YOU, Slice'rs, use when creating a stellar pie in your own home?

What Do You Make Your Pizza On?