Poll: Pumpkin on Pizza, Way or No Way?


Pizza vox populi.

Poll Pumpkin Squash Pizza Way No Way

Grandaisy Bakery's Pumpkin Pizza [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Continuing in the vein of the Soda Poll, last week I wanted to know: what beer do you like to drink with your pizza? With 649 votes, the results were pretty varied—no one variety vastly outshone the rest, the way Coke/Pepsi did with soda.

Nevertheless there was a winner, and with 22% that winner was IPAs. Most of you seemed to feel there was enough variety in these hoppy beers to make them drinkable with almost any kind of pie. Runner-up was pale ales, with 18%. The least popular pairing choice? Porters; with less than 1% of the votes, they don't seemed destined for pizza, but give a good stew is another story...

Take a look at the comments for some great discussion on specific beers, and what does (or doesn't) let them work with a slice. My personal favorite came from reader Rosewood, who wisely responded: "'What Beer Do You Like to Drink With Your Pizza?" Yes.'"

This week, here in NYC, it's finally feeling like fall—cool weather, fallen leaves underfoot, sweaters out in force...and pumpkin. In drinks, baked goods, pastas and more, the sudden appearance of pumpkin on menus everywhere is one of the most reliable signifiers of the change in season.

Pumpkin (and winter squash) may be most beloved in pies and breads, but it has a pretty strong following as a pizza topping too. In recent My Pie Monday submissions or on a particularly delicious slice from an event last weekend, pumpkin and squash have been making themselves known. Whether you think of it as a seasonal fad, look forward to the pairing all year long, or want nothing to do with it, I want to know: how do you feel about pumpkin (or squash) on pizza?

Pumpkin on Pizza, Way or No Way?