Slice is Ten Years Old: Happy Birthday, Slice!


Ten years ago today, former Serious Eats managing editor Adam Kuban launched his pioneering pizza blog, Slice. I first met Adam almost eight years ago at Totonno's, where he had convened a lunch for serious Slice'rs.

He almost dropped his piece of pizza when he discovered that the author of Slice of Heaven was also in the house. And thus a beautiful friendship was born. Within months of our meeting, Serious Eats bought Slice and A Hamburger Today and brought them, and Adam, into the Serious Eats family. As I mentioned earlier, Adam became our first managing editor. Though he left a couple of years ago, he has remained an integral member of the Serious Eats family.

His smarts, his overall point of view about pizza, and his unique blend of intelligence, humor, and humanity continue to inspire everyone who works on, or contributes to, Slice to this day. In fact, it is worth noting that Paulie Gee, the owner-pizzaiolo of one of New York's great pizzerias, began his serious pizza life as a commenter on Slice, We know that Adam, Slice'rs, and all of other folks who have contributed to and edited Slice over the years still look to Adam and the site for encouragement and inspiration.

Happy Birthday, Slice. It's been a great ten years.