Scott Wiener's 'Viva La Pizza!' Showcases 100 Pizza Box Covers

Scott Wiener Pizza Box Venice

[Photograph: The Huffington Post]

The pizza box. A utilitarian cardboard device designed to get pies to our doors in one piece, while keeping them as hot as possible. In our day-to-day experience of them, rarely do we consider them a blank canvas; luckily for us, Scott Wiener...does.

Hardcore Slice'rs will recognize Wiener from his Serious Eats column, Scott's Pizza Chronicles; the more charitably inclined may know him as the founder of Slice Out Hunger. Not ringing any bells? Surely you've spotted his blog, or mayhaps taken one of his notoriously kick-ass New York City pizza tours?

Now, Scott's pizza prowess has reached new heights. In his recently released Viva La Pizza!: The Art of the Pizza Box, Scott—the "world's expert on pizza boxes"—chooses 100 unique designs through which to explore the history of the box, whether international, corporate, or mom-and-pop in origin.

20110113-pizzaboxes-paperboardstack (1).jpg

Scott Wiener hugs a stack of his beloved boxes

Followers of Scott's blog will already know that he's been collecting and cataloguing boxes for over a decade (he even gives a little background info on Slice); in his new book, he traces design trends and speaks to high-profile designers to delve into an unexplored aspect of one of our most loved foods.