Poll: What Part of Your Pizza Matters Most?

Poll Topping Dough or Sauce

[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

When last we were gathered, I put it to you: which did you generally prefer on your pizza—regular, or fresh mozzarella? Were you into that low-moisture melt, or more a fan of soupy creaminess? With 1,341 votes, people appreciated both pure fresh and a combination of fresh and regular, but straight-up regular took first place with nearly 46%. The ensuing comments were a free-for-all on which cheeses are right for which pies.

Continuing a kind of theme—the basics of pizza, perhaps—this time, I want to know what matters most to you, when it comes to making a good pie. In life, we're often willing to accept a little mediocrity, a little lackluster-ness in some areas, as long as that one, all-important feature shines. I want to know—are you a dough and crust fanatic, a sauce zealot, or a cheese and toppings enthusiast? Which feature needs to work, to most ensure your pie satisfcation?

Which matters most—the dough, the sauce, or the cheese and toppings?

Which Is Most Important: Crust, Sauce, or Toppings?