Ditmas Park Pizza 'Pop-In' to Feature Slices from Slice'r

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[Photographs: John Wozniak]

Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, pizzeria Lo Duca will play host to Johnny's Place, a one-day pizza "pop-in" helmed by John Wozniak. If that name sounds familiar, it may be from the comments here on Slice/SE. Wozniak, an alumnus of Paulie Gee's prep kitchen, describes his pizza as "a bastard child of early '90s chain pan pizza, Detroit, and grandma style" and says he's been "working on variation of this dough for years but refined it with intention over [the] last six months."

What makes this pizza special? Per the FAQ on the website for Johnny's Place, where you can also find the menu and further details:

The dough is made with flours that are generally not used in the pizza industry. The entire process is longer and gentler than typical—more akin to what might be employed to make artisanal bread. This is bread that happens to also be great pizza and isn't ashamed about it. No one will be pressing all the gas out of the dough. I want you to be satisfied and full but not bloated.

[via Pizzamaking.com]

Disclosure: I know John Wozniak IRL and worked with him in the Paulie Gee's prep kitchen over the summer.