My Pie Monday: Figs, Ramps, Sage, and More!

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

Strap in and buckle up—it's time for a brand new My Pie Monday! Soppressata, jamon Serrano, anchovies, spinach, pesto, goat cheese, and ricotta—this week's pies run the savory gamut like nobody's business. Check them all out in the slideshow!

But first, an important announcement: After nearly four years ears of sharing the Serious Eats community's best pizzas, this is our final edition of the My Pie Monday slideshow. It's been a true joy to watch the growth and development of home pizza makers across the country, and not a week goes by without a collection of phenomenal submissions. To share your pizza projects moving forward, tweet a photo each Monday to @Seriouseats, with the hashtag #MyPieMonday! No twitter? No problem! You can do the same on our Serious Eats Facebook page. Looking forward to seeing all your upcoming contributions!

Looking for inspiration? Find dozens of recipes and home kitchen adaptations in our Pizza-Making Guide or peruse our collection of past My Pie Monday contributions.