Snapshots From Pizza Town USA, 'America's Favorite Town' Since 1958

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Maybe you've had a layover at Newark Airport or driven through Jersey on your way to NYC, but you've never really experienced the Garden State.

Buzzfeed dealt me that disheartening blow after I took their "How Jersey Are You?" quiz. I checked off a paltry 14 out of 100 key traits that would make me Jersey.

By the way, I was born and mostly bred in New Jersey, if I am to trust my birth certificate and childhood memories.

To reacquaint myself with the home state I haven't lived in for nearly a decade, I've started seeking good, classic Jersey eats during weekend trips from my current home in Brooklyn. It's been a slow process because I like staying at home about as much as I loathe driving (that is, a lot). But thanks to the kindness of friends/obligation of family, there's always someone to eat with me or drive me somewhere in the Garden State.

My last New Jersey night of gluttony took place at Pizza Town USA. Pizza Town USA. It's as good as it sounds, assuming you think it sounds awesome. Slice founder Adam Kuban reviewed Pizza Town USA three years ago, and aside from the prices, his positive review still holds up. I can't beat Adam at reviewing pizzerias, so I'm not going to try. I'm just here to 1) point you towards Adam's review, in case you haven't read it before, 2) toss in another thumbs up for Pizza Town USA, and 3) share a bunch of photos that you might enjoy.