Poll: Are You a Blotter?


Pizza vox populi.


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Leftover slices (if you manage to wind up with any) are a beautiful thing. Cold, hot, repurposed—whatever you do with them, it's bound to be pretty good. But maybe some choices are better than others...or at least more common. So I wondered: how do you eat your leftovers? Well, with 547 votes there was an almost completely even split between two choices. Eating slices cold and straight from the fridge won by the slightest of margins with 32%, while taking the time to heat them up in the oven trailed just behind with 31%. Check out the comments for some more detailed looks at everyone's methods.

Down to business. New York pizza is fantastic, it's what I was raised on, and I literally can't conceive of a situation where I would ever turn it down. But I concede that not everyone may feel this way, that certain people have their issues with the style. And more often than not, when I happen to overhear their complaints, it's about one thing: the grease. Obviously greasiness is a pretty universal feature of pizza. I can't say that it's ever particularly bothered me...but what about you? Are you a blotter, or do you welcome any slice with abandon?

Poll: Are You a Blotter?