Pizza Poll: How Do You Like Your Sausage?


Pizza vox populi.


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Grease. Whether you love it, hate it, or feel only a mild ambivalence towards it, it's a key feature on the pizza landscape. A pie with properly balanced and flavorful oil can be absolutely magnificent—a limpid slice drowning in fat, not so much. But are you the sort of person who takes things into your own blotting? Well, 1,500 people chimed in and it looks like most of us walk a path of moderation: 38% leave their slices largely un-blotted, wielding a napkin only when necessary. Head over to the comments to dive deep into the debate and hear from the yea- and naysayers.

Now gather round, and let's talk sausage. I, for one, love it. Cooked whole, casing split and sizzling, charred black on the sides; crumbled into a smoky chili or rich tomato sauce; seared in slices and tossed with pasta. Whatever you've got, I want it, and that definitely goes for sausage on pizza. The trouble is, you can almost never totally know what you're getting when you order sausage as a pie topping—there's a lot of variation. Leaving aside the issue of flavor for a second (so many pies in my past with dry, lacklusterly spiced sausage), there's the question of form. Crumbled, sliced, hefty chunks, or tiny pebbles; sausage comes in all shapes and sizes. So, generally speaking...which one's your favorite?

How Do You Like Your Sausage?