Sam Sifton Dishes on Pizza


Roberta's [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Pie lovers everywhere: put down your phones and pick up your pizza peels, because Sam Sifton's recent article in The New York Times is a call to action. Satisfying, homemade action. This gist of the story is perhaps old and obvious news to Slicers—many of those among as are, after all, frequent home pizzaioli. Nevertheless, the story's message is one I staunchly believe bears repeating: making pizza is always fun and always delicious, whether it's your first ever pie or you've built your own WFO and have been churning them out for years. Sifton's article covers the basics in a way sure to reassure even the most nervous of beginners, and in it they work with the dough recipe from Roberta's (in addition to featuring a handful of their toppings combinations). For the newcomer or the old-timer, it's a good read.

Maybe you'll read it and move on with your day, but maybe you'll come away from it with your pizza passion which case come right back here to really dive off the deep end. From our comprehensive pizza-making guide (with recipes for different types of dough and styles of pizza, tips, and more) to Kenji's recent post covering 11 essential tips for home pizza makers, you're bound to find what you need. If you need a little help with decking out your pies, you'll want to check out the reader submissions to My Pie Monday for some great inspiration. Hands down the best of all is the community of fellow pizza obsessives, which reminds me...what have you guys been up to? Any favorite dough recipes, or style of pie you're dying to try? Spring toppings combinations you've dreamt up, or useful oven hacks? Share it all with us in the comments!