What's Up in Pizza: Crazy Toppings Around the World, Hut Café, and More!


[Photograph: Ola Waagen/Flickr ]

The Daily Meal has come out with a fun if slightly alarmist slideshow about some of the crazy things people occasionally put on their pies. There's no doubt that a love for pizza spans the globe, so it seems fairly inevitable that we've come to this point, where anything and everything is tossed on a slice and tried out. From squid ink to prawns, baked beans to alligator, and the banana curry pie picture above, it's an interesting list to say the least—check it out in full in their slideshow.

Next up, Business Insider reports that Pizza Hut is beginning to test a new concept in two locations in India (with ten more scheduled to open in the next few months)—they call it the "Hut Café". The idea behind opening these store-in-store coffee shops is to appeal to customers who just want a snack and a coffee...but who might be encouraged to stick around for a slice or two later. This launch comes six months after McDonald's expanded their McCafe concept into India—and if you're wondering why the rush to compete, keep in mind that the Indian café market, currently estimated to be worth around $300 million, is expected to double in the next five years.

Lastly, we have a little news from Metro—it seems Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul is as much of a music fan as the rest of us...he just has a little more sway. When Paul realized he hadn't gotten tickets to Arcade Fire's show at Coachella, he took matters into his own hands and tweeted with purpose:


Success—pizza to the rescue! The actor later posted a video of him and the band mid-party on Instagram, captioning it "I love everything about #ArcadeFire. This band is like a coming of age story of my life."